CASA of Shawnee County

CASA Children's Bags

When a child is in an abusive or neglected home situation, they will be taken into custody and placed with foster families until their home is safe to return to.  These children often show up on their foster parents doorsteps with just the clothes on their back and in a state of emotional turmoil. The Children's Bags that a CASA volunteer takes when they first meet their court assigned CASA child are meant to help make this painful situation a bit better. The CASA volunteer will collect items from our supply that are age appropriate and place them in a book bag.

  • Hygiene Items

    • body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes (child and adult sized for teenagers), toothpaste, deodorant, brushes, combs, etc.

  • Blanket

    • (45x45 for 0-2 year old, 45x54 for3-6 year old, 54x66 for 7-11 year old, 54x72 for 12-18 year old)   Sizes are approximate, but the blanket needs to be big enough for the child. Foster Care Families will have blankets and beds for the children, but this blanket is something soft and special for the child that they can snuggle with and keep forever as their very own.

  • Comfort Item

    • Each child receives an age appropriate item.  No one is too old for a stuffed animal, especially when you are going through hard times. But other items include books, coloring items, craft type kits, journals, small toys, etc.

  • Bag/Suitcase

    • Each bundle is put inside a book bag, replacing the garbage bag that many times was originally carrying what little they possess.